Virtual Laboratory

Virtual Laboratory

Virtual Laboratory - Immunology Department


Welcome to the virtual immunology laboratory!

On entering the lab you can see and read about the work that goes on in this hospital pathology laboratory.

Through the different doors of the immunology department you’ll find out about our vital role in helping doctors diagnose and monitor a range of diseases that have adverse effects on the immune system.

You can find out about how the immune system can be overactive in the autoimmunity lab and how it can be deficient in the cellular lab.

Discover how patients with HIV are monitored and managed in the molecular section or why not visit the Allergy lab to learn how we find out what substances provoke allergic reactions.

How about trying your hand at diagnosing with the case study sections.

If you want to see what type of people work in the immunology laboratory then have a look at the video and staff profiles on the notice board.

You can also find links to information on topics including training, health and safety and how you can have your own questions answered by an expert.

The Virtual Laboratory is an evolving website which we will update from time-to-time.

Enjoy your visit!

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